Let’s be honest, modern laces just don’t even begin to compare to these Victorian chantillys.



Anonymous: indie designer to indie designer, where do you get the tags that are sewn onto the garments that tell the size and name brand? I've searched and can not find anywhere and I have a pop up shop happening in two months ):

I’m afraid that I never disclose my suppliers in public (designer to designer, it’s rude to ask like this!). Google is your friend here - I find it difficult to believe that you can’t find anything, my first search came up with 10 suppliers on the first page!


Anonymous: I'm starting the Contour Fashion course in a few weeks and I have been so inspired by your creations and career! But I do worry about graduate prospects...if you don't mind me asking, after graduating, how has it been earning a living with this niche/unique degree? I'm just worried it'll be difficult to find a good job and earn money! x

First of all, congratulations for getting in to the course - I hope that you have an awesome time whilst you’re there! With regards to graduate prospects - you will be in a much better position for employment than pretty much every other creative degree. Contour gives you such a niche set of skills that will always be in demand within the industry. I’m not the best person to ask about earning the living though as so far I’ve been pursuing running my own brand rather than getting a job - I’m getting by but it will probably be another couple of years before I can pay myself a proper salary!


wyndxnxaer: If money, resources, and time was not an issue, what would you design and make?

Oof. I have SO many potential answers to this question… I’d love to make totally ridiculous couture corsetry and gowns, with endless lashings of French chantilly lace and floaty light silk tulle - all the things I can’t afford or justify right now!




In honour of today’s outfit get £15 off any harness in my online shop with code ‘harness-joy’, this weekend only!


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Better view of the harness waspie with suspender straps attached… thoughts? Really want to make more corset related things rather than lingerie, which isn’t exactlt sensible from a business perspective! 
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A previously unseen frame from my 2011 shoot for Karolina Laskowska!With Sundal Roy and make up by Crystal Michael.


Mizuki bra and Ume knickers in #upcycled #kimono silk at the @calico_pr catwalk

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Sayuri set in #upcycled #kimono silk on the @calico_pr catwalk

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Woop! My designs on the @calico_pr catwalk. This is the Daniela babydoll made of Victorian chantilly lace, one of my favourites! 

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Finally got eyelets into the harness waspie and tried it on to test the shape - ignoring the double layered harness,  what does everyone think? It also has garter strap suspender attachments

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New harness design with french chantilly beaded lace. Thoughts? Might introduce with a cheaper lace… #instalingerie #lace #karolinalaskowska #harness


Contemplating layered lace for SS15.

Instagram, your thoughts please - I really want to get my brand to a trade show in January but it requires a huge investment of money that I just don’t have. I’m considering another crowd funding campaign - what are your thoughts on this?