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I am so so SO happy with this outfit,  if you try and criticise it I’m just going to put my fingers in my ears and sing ‘la la la I can’t hear you’. Corsetted thong body made in a vintage kimono silk with couture leavers lace appliqué and lace tap pants underneath.  Part of my graduate collection. 

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#karolinalaskowska #corset #instalingerie #lace #vintage #kimono #upcycling #couture


Haven’t got to 160 but don’t care, want to share one of the finished corsets! This is the plunge,  with vintage kimono silk and external coutil casings. I’m gradually improving! Even more pleased with the body.

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Binding finished (thanks Mum!), ready for eyelets on Tuesday

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Eh, 71 votes is close enough to 75! Here’s my finished cupped corset :) super duper pleased with the patterning and construction of this, it’s a big personal achievement.  Might still be adding to this in terms of embellishment but for now it’s finished :) 

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So this totally doesn’t fit my mannequin at all but it gives you a vague idea! The finish line for this garment is in sight - eyelets and bottom edge binding are tomorrow’s tasks :) must admit I’m pretty pleased with this though!

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And on the body! Not properly laced because I’ve run out of corset lacing but you get the idea :) now need to decide on some designs for the flossing! 

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Just flossing left to do!!! #karolinalaskowska  #corsetry  #corset  #vintage  #kimono #upcycling  #lace


50% off all items in the ‘Ume’ collection for only 48 hours with the code ‘ume-joy’ - get yourself some bargain silk knickers! 


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Want to clear out some samples! This entire set is going for £150, priced low for a quick sale! This includes the corset, briefs and suspender. These are sample pieces and totally unique, but contain some minor faults. Details of sizing and garments below, please email me at info@karolinalaskowska.co.uk if you are interested in purchasing! Can also provide more detailed photos of individual garments xx Corset: Worn once, a few stitching faults. Upcycled kimono silk cup, CF and CB panels. Sheer silver mesh body with grey spot broche coutil bone channels and binding. Features scattered Swarovski crystals and coral flossing. Two flat steels at the front and four at the centre back, boned with spiral steels around the rest of the body. 2-part silver eyelets at the centre back with specially dyed coral lacing. Cup size approximately 34B, underbust around 28″ with a 23″ waist and 36″ hips. Some uneven stitching on some boning channels (not visible when worn), some very slight discolouration on small areas of the silver mesh. One piece of flossing has broken but can provide matching embroidery thread for repair if requested.  Knickers: Worn once over a thong. Upcycled kimono silk CF panel with kimono silk applique and Swarovski crystals. Grey tulle bum and custom-dyed coral pink elastic. Size around UK 10/12.  Suspender belt: Worn once. Custom dyed satin elastic (small inconsistencies in colour) belt with detachable garter straps. Some imperfect/irregular stitching. Features a mix of gold/silver components. Large silver satin bows over each garter tab. Grey flossing on each side of the suspender belt with Swarovski crystal embellishment. Size UK 10.



I’ll be at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris this weekend with my new lingerie collection - I’d love to hear which retailers you want to see my designs stocked in!

Photography - Simon Crinks
Model - Yazzmin
MUA - Violet Zeng


I’ve listed a handful of kimono silks in my web shop that I can’t use for lingerie for various reasons - if these prove popular I may list some more  xx


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