Last day for 30% off all stock itema in my online shop with code ‘moving-studios’! Includes sale items so this Ela bra is down from £110 to just £59.50 - don’t miss out! 


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Just a few days left to get 30% off any stock items in my online shop with the code ‘moving-studios’ (enter after paypal checkout) - who’s going to snap up the last Agata set?


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Bleh, been knocked down with something fluey so it’s a bit of a wasted weekend!  Apologies if you’re waiting for replies,  being a bit slow right now.

Here’s another of my creative freedom sets - champagne silk satin, layered English lace trims, French lace appliqué,  corset inspired flossing and freshwater pearl embroidery. 

Want your own set? Still have a few spaces left through my Indiegogo!  


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'Creative Freedom' custom order - stretch silk satin, lightweight grey tulle and layered couture French lace (with hand stitched appliqué). Hand cut satin binding, tiny glass seed beads, vintage glass pearl buttons and clear Swarovski crystals.

To get your own ‘creative freedom’ set contribute to my Indiegogo campaign here - be quick, last time I ran this special offer I had to to turn customers away as it was so popular!


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Better view of the harness waspie with suspender straps attached… thoughts? Really want to make more corset related things rather than lingerie, which isn’t exactlt sensible from a business perspective! 
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Woop! My designs on the @calico_pr catwalk. This is the Daniela babydoll made of Victorian chantilly lace, one of my favourites! 

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Finally got eyelets into the harness waspie and tried it on to test the shape - ignoring the double layered harness,  what does everyone think? It also has garter strap suspender attachments

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New harness design with french chantilly beaded lace. Thoughts? Might introduce with a cheaper lace… #instalingerie #lace #karolinalaskowska #harness


Very limited edition #vintage 1950s chantilly #lace sets now available in the online shop - be quick though, only 1 or 2 pieces left per garment!


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I’m not very good at keeping up with the whole fashion season thing but it has occured to me that I should start thinking more about designing a Spring/Summer collection… what do you want to see more of? Definitely planning some more ouvert knickers and open cup styles and maybe bringing back this one-off bra shape! Throw your suggestions at me!

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So today one of my worst possible nightmares came true, in that my main trusty sewing machine died. I need to replace it as soon as possible in order to keep creating lingerie - I currently don’t have the funds to afford a replacement, so am running several special offers through my online shop in order to raise the money to keep my lingerie workshop going! So currently you can get…

1. 35% off EVERYTHING with the code ‘sewing-machine-panic’ - and yes, that includes sale items! - www.karolinalaskowska.co.uk
2. Mystery knickers - with the discount code they’re just £52 for a totally unique pair in luxurious fabrics such as silk and chantilly lace!
3. Significant discounts off any bespoke orders placed within the next week - email me at info@karolinalaskowska.co.uk for more information! 
4. The sample sale is going - and I’m more than happy to discuss discounted offers on multiple items - mega savings to be had on unique pieces! http://karolinalaskowska.wordpress.com/

If any of you have been planning to buy some of my designs then now is the time - whether it’s a harness or a full bespoke set, your purchases will be incredibly appreciated right now!  xx

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Corset is growing on me, mostly because of the mega-boob action. Sits mid bust but instagram hates nipples.

Design by Karolina Laskowska, please do not remove credits. 


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