Who is still wanting to buy this set?  I’m considering buying some more of this lace but it’s a lot more expensive than I remember so I can’t make up my mind… #instalingerie #lace #karolinalaskowska


Still on holiday, use it to your advantage with the extra 10% off code ‘summeryay’ in my Summer sale - all of AW13 is discounted!   Only a handful of sizes left, grab some shiny new knickers xx


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Matching bralets finished! Made of an exquisite 1950s chantilly leavers lace - you have to see it in person to fully appreciate how beautiful it is. There’s two sets per size (S, M, L) available - will take me a while to get these into the online shop but they’re for sale if anyone wants them straight away :) bras are £95 and knickers are £75.

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Finished a batch of these vintage chantilly lace knickers today, bras to match hopefully being finished tomorrow… and now I’m stuck with the conundrum of should I add bows?

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This beaded lace demi-bra and ouvert knicker set is now available in the online shop! This design is super limited edition, with only a handful of each size available - you’d better be speedy if you’re hoping to get your hands on these!

Bra: http://karolinalaskowska.com/collections/in-stock/products/agata-demi-cup-beaded-lace-bra

Knicker: http://karolinalaskowska.com/collections/in-stock/products/agata-beaded-lace-ouvert-knicker

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New Victorian chantilly lace, destined for the AW14 ‘Daniela’ babydoll I believe…

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This new design is nearly ready for the online shop - just a few finishing touches to sew. I also just uncovered some more of this exquisite lace… enough to make maybe 3 more sets… or something totally different!  Demi-bra will retail for £150 and ouvert knickers for £80. Currently only 3 of each in existence, subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be the first to know when these hit the shop ;) #karolinalaskowska #instalingerie #lace


Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend! I’ve spent pretty much the entirety of my Sunday baking *more* meringues… Speaking of which, don’t forget that it’s the last day to get 30% off in my online shop (use the code ‘MERINGUEBOOBS’ at checkout): www.karolinalaskowska.com

Photography - @crinklechip
Model - @emmasalisburypt
MUA - @violetmua
Sweet treats - @zoe_alexandra9 

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Visited my stand again today to replenish the postcard supply! Do come and have a look at the exhibition if you happen to be in Leicester, so many talented students’ work is on show. 

Don’t forget the special offer this weekend - enter ‘MERINGUEBOOBS’ after paypal checkout to get 30% off *everything* in my online shop: www.karolinalaskowska.com

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Does anyone remember these socks…? Tempted to release as a product *if* there’s enough interest… Retail price would be around £55 and they’re for boudoir wear only as the lace is rather fragile.

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Plotting what to put into production first - kimono silk wired bras or last season’s Ela bralet in a new colourway (and lower rise knickers! ). Which do you want to see in the online shop first?  :)

Left: photography @crinklechip,  model @vampira_passista , MUA @violetmua , macarons @zoe_alexandra9 
Right: photography @catherine_day_ 

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Eek, on my way to @officialgfw where I’ll be showing my corsetry collection this evening - feeling unnecessarily nervous right now!

Photo by RedPix

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I have space for new custom orders! I’m in particular looking for people who will give me creative freedom to make something really spectacular - I want to get some new bespoke work into my design portfolio and I have some hefty discounts to give to anyone who lets me go wild with shiny fabrics and elaborate designs!

Email me at info@karolinalaskowska.co.uk - this offer won’t be available for long :)

Bras below were pulled at random from my sample box - mostly one off designs, a couple I still haven’t decided whether to release for sale yet ;)

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Amy’s #karolinalaskowskaselfie - wearing the Monika set with a custom garter! 

For your chance to win a £100 voucher and for a 15% discount code check out my blog: www.karolinalaskowska.com/blogs/news/

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