Last chance to get your hands on a semi-bespoke bra for a massively reduced price, auction ending in 40 minutes! 


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Eh, 71 votes is close enough to 75! Here’s my finished cupped corset :) super duper pleased with the patterning and construction of this, it’s a big personal achievement.  Might still be adding to this in terms of embellishment but for now it’s finished :) 

Don’t forget to vote for me in @triumphuk ‘s #womeninmaking competition! 


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So this totally doesn’t fit my mannequin at all but it gives you a vague idea! The finish line for this garment is in sight - eyelets and bottom edge binding are tomorrow’s tasks :) must admit I’m pretty pleased with this though!

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Sample sale over on Facebook including some previously unseen bits and bobs - prices from £15!


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Last week to buy the fundraiser harness!http://www.karolinalaskowska.co.uk/shop-2/fundraiser-harness/ I also have two spare ready to ship -  Size M, black, gold components, no embellishment, BNWT - £25 + p&p Size L, black, gold components, gold mini studs, sample so slightly different elastic finish. £20 + p&p - email me at info@karolinalaskowska.co.uk if you want one of these! xx


So I’ve listed a semi-bespoke bra up for auction! This is to help me with the costs of my studies and is something that normally costs £200, so this is your chance to get your hands on it for much, much less. If it all goes well then I’ll be listing semi-bespoke knickers and suspenders next week! What sort of bra would you want me to create for you? Happy bidding xx


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Bespoke bridal set in silk satin with hand-painted couture lace applique, vintage lace and marabou accents.  Design by Karolina Laskowska, please do not remove credits.
Sooo… I have a bit of a peculiar idea. To be totally blunt, my final uni project has put me into stupid debt (and I haven’t even finished buying all the materials yet!), which whilst isn’t ideal, I’m hoping will pay off in the form of a really spectacular collection. This weekend I’ll be listing some odds and ends on ebay and I was also thinking… What if I put a bespoke bra or pair of knickers up for auction? Would you be interested in bidding for that knowing it will help support my studies?


Only 2 left in my webshop - 50% off and your last chance!  


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50% off flash sale on all AW13 stock on my website - ends this Friday! Limited stock available so you’d better be speedy if you’ve had your eye on something :)


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Mystery garters now available! 


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So. Vintage laces. Thinking of creating a new product/special offer for them - mystery garters and silk eye masks, priced between £20-50 depending on levels of complexity and sparkles. Each piece will be unique but you won’t see the design until it’s completed! Who’d be willing to take the risk? 

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Good god I’m tired. Finished this toile off today - pretty happy with the shape. It’s part of my final collection of my degree - the final thing is either going to be in orange/sheer black/mink or ivory with red/orange/blue print, sheer ivory and dove grey. Both with black chantilly lace applique. Though those decisions I’m leaving til later when my brain’s a bit more in tact hopefully. I am going to be SO bored of making corsets when this project is over!


50% off all items in the ‘Ume’ collection for only 48 hours with the code ‘ume-joy’ - get yourself some bargain silk knickers! 


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Fundraiser harnesses still available on my website, £25 for a limited time only. Made to order with your choice of elastic colour, component colour and embellishment!